Century Harvest Farms Grass-fed Beef Salami

Century Harvest Farms is fully committed to sourcing the best possible ingredients from local producers who go the extra mile in their farming efforts. We have personally visited these establishments and in many instances harvest the crops ourselves. East Tennessee strawberries in the summer can be some of the sweetest in the country, and Tennessee tomatoes are known the world over for their one-of-a-kind taste. By sourcing East Tennessee ingredients we are able to deliver products that taste uniquely East Tennessee.

Milne Farm

Milne Farm is a family-owned and family-run fruit farm located in the foothills of East Tennessee.

Hyde Farm

Hyde Farm has some of the best strawberries we've ever tasted, which are used in our Strawberry Mostarda.

Zavels Family Farms

Zavels Family Farms is located in Knox County that practices sustainable methods and provides Century Harvest Farms with quality produce.

Chambers Hill Farm

Chambers Hill Farm in Rockford, TN provides us with some of the veggies used in our pickled products.