Century Harvest Farms Grass-fed Beef Salami


Grass-fed Beef Salami

Description: Our Salami is a made with 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. The herd is rotated to a new, lush pasture with biologically vibrant, organically fertile soil, daily. The high-quality beef, red wine, and spices are fermented and allowed to air dry. Thank you for supporting sustainability!

Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef, Red Wine, Sea Salt, Non-fat Dried Milk, Dextrose, Celery Powder, Spices, Starter Culture

*Free of antibiotics, glyphosate, atrazine, GMOs, insecticides, growth hormones, ammonium nitrate, confinement

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See how we make our grass-fed beef salami.

Making our salami begins by selecting the best cuts of grass-fed beef. We believe that the best muscles for our salami come from the Chuck and the Round. We also select the best pieces of fat and keep them separated for the perfect blend of fat and muscle. The next step for us is to inspect and remove any tendons or sinew by hand. We then cut the pieces of meat and fat into smaller pieces that allow for consistent grinding process. Once the meat has been cut, we weigh out seasonings, spices, and wine, then carefully mix all elements.

We use natural beef casings for all of our dry salami. Natural casings are a perfect host to beneficial mold and yeasts (both very beneficial to the drying process). After we stuff our salami, we hand tie all of our links with linen twine. Bigger, heavier salami are also stuffed into a netting for extra support during hanging. It's very important to ensure each salami is tied correctly to ensure proper binding of the meat is achieved.

After tying and hanging, our salami is fermented in a warm chamber with a very high humidity for around 48 hours or until the PH of the meat has dropped to the desired level. This step is crucial in both flavor and the safety of the product.

After fermentation, Century Harvest Farms salami is moved into a temperature and humidity controlled environment and allowed to dry until they have lost almost 1/2 their original weight!!! For the smaller diameter salami they are usually air dried for 45 days, while our larger Century Harvest Farms Reserve Salami is allowed to dry for 90-120 days. At this point the product is shelf stable and ready for consumption. Enjoy!